About Us

Founder Martha BrownWhat A Fan Charities and sports fans around the country are waging war on this epidemic robbing the innocence of our children. We have launched a program to advocate education and prevention of abused children called “FANS AGAINST CHILD ABUSE.” This campaign was created as a result of frustration felt by the principles behind What A Fan. Stories of child abuse are not reported enough by the media and when it is, there has been limited information of assistance provided or a popular celebrity face advocating on behalf of the victims and their families. For us this is unacceptable…

Families across the country are facing the fear of their children becoming a statistic due to neglect or abuse. As the media continues to report on these issues we find the statistics to be extremely alarming. Even with all the attention placed on this problem, little is being done to raise the consciousness about prevention. The FANS AGAINST CHILD ABUSE Campaign is dedicated to sounding the alarm and raising awareness about ways to prevent the assault on our children. We are pleased to have passionate fans on our team to help bring attention to the problem, encourage support, education and prevention.

Our mission is to put several recognizable faces behind this necessary cause, create a symbol of support that becomes synonymous with child abuse prevention and assist worthy organizations with desperately needed educational material and seminars to aid those effected by this devastating problem through our fund raising efforts. Your support is vital to the success of this initiative. We are requesting individuals, corporations, restaurant chains, sports organizations, educational institutions, celebrity entertainers and athletes to all join the fight against this indiscriminate issue. Help FANS AGAINST CHILD ABUSE … Contact us and find out how.

Annual Christmas Party

Every year since 2014 Fans Against Child Abuse has hosted a Christmas Party for children and families that have been effected by abuse, bullying and or neglect. We are extremely proud to have Fun Spot America Theme Parks as our new partner and host of our 2016 Christmas Party and for many years to come. The event has been a great opportunity for families to enjoy great food, fun and games. Each child in attendance is greeted by participating super fans, popular team mascots and our compassionate Board Members providing gifts. This years event is sure to be HUGE at Fun Spot America Theme Park, kids will enjoy free admission, free rides, free lunch and Christmas presents. You can be part of this amazing event by making a contribution or donating a toy at any Fun Spot America Theme Park.

Christmas In April

Christmas in April Toy Drive was first introduced in 2015. The Fans Against Child Abuse 1st Annual Christmas Party was well received by everyone in attendance but we were unable to provide toys to these amazing children. All of us connected with the event vowed to never allow that to happen again! Our toy drive was born out of compassion for the children who have touched the lives of all us. Christmas in April provides compassionate supporters and anyone the opportunity to give a new toy. Fun Spot America Theme Parks have joined the charge to collect as many toys as we can for these deserving kids. Children that bravely and unfairly face difficult challenges that are unacceptable and fixable... Each year we provide a safe environment for kids and their families to enjoy the festivities of the holidays, peacefully.